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Purchases and Subscriptions

What is the difference between Panels+ and Panels 3?

Panels+ is a subscription, which unlocks everything as long as the subscription is active. We offer a trial period, for both monthly and yearly options.

Panels 2 (3, 4, 5....) is a 1 time purchase. It unlocks all current features until the next major version. So say you pay for Panels 3 -- you get access to all features, and any other premium feature that might be included in Panels 3. When Panels 4 comes out with new features, you will still have access to the features you paid for. New features introduced in Panels 4 will require a new purchase.

If I buy or subscribe to Panels in one device, can I also get it in another one? Or do I need to pay again?

You don't need to pay again. As long as you use the same Apple ID, you can go to settings and tap "Restore purchases". Even if you try to buy Premium again with the same Apple ID you won't be charged twice.

Can I share Panels purchases with my family members?

Yes you can, all of our purchases have family sharing enabled.

I removed Panels and lost my Premium access. How can I get it back? Do I need to pay again?

No need to pay again. In the purchase screen, tap "Redeem purchases". If any problem occurs, please contact us at